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Revising in the Sun. 5 Tips for Summertime Studying.

Revising in the Sun. 5 Tips for Summertime Studying.

Revising in the Sun. 5 Tips for Summertime Studying.

Want to study in the sun?

1. Get Up Early.

This is something you won't regret, as soon as ten minutes after you do it.  


2. Find out if you're an Outdoor-Reviser.

We all love the thought of bringing your English Literature books to the park and reciting poetry to the birds and the squirrels...  but the reality is, you may spend half your time looking for stones to stop your notes from blowing away.


If you've mastered the art of revising in the park, great! if you're easily distracted, maybe think about point number three..

3. Guilt-Free Sun-Time.

Guilt free study in the sun

There's no fighting it, you will be spending some time out in the sun.  

The question is, will you be sitting in the park feeling guilty about not revising? or will you have your work done? relaxing in your Guilt-Free sun-time. 

If you planned on doing four hours a day; do two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening, that way you'll have the whole afternoon to yourself.

4. Forget the laptop.

Using your laptop in the sun!

Worrying about when the battery will die...

Looking through the garage for power extension leads...

Trying to see the screen in the glare of the sun...

Just don't bother, laptops work better inside. 

5. Sadly, it's not a picnic.

As much as we all would like our revision time to be a picnic in the park, it's just not. That looming game of Frisbee will get you eventually!

Be realistic about it.  If you're serious about getting some revision done, studying at home or in the library, will probably work better for you, if even for just a couple of hours.

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