Embracing Exam Nerves - A Guide to Embracing Yours.

Embracing Exam Nerves - A Guide to Embracing Yours.

Embracing Exam Nerves: A Guide to Embracing Yours.

Get to grips with your exam nerves!

It is the beginning of the end. The school days are numbered and let's be honest no longer feel like ordinary school days, the wind down is very much upon us. The talking has more or less been done it is now time to face the music and show-off all you have worked so hard for. 

Approaching a milestone of which such emphasis is placed on can expectedly cause nervousness. It is important to remember that nerves are a good thing and should be looked positively upon as they are an indication of a desire to perform well. Nerves are experienced by the world's top sportsmen and women, business people, third-level students and people from all other walks of life on a daily basis.

Follow these few subtle tips to help you embrace your nerves.

Be Confident

We are all our own toughest critics by nature. We have a tendency to always fear the worst and look pessimistically upon our chances. Take some time to reflect on what you have done. You have worked consistently, remained focussed, been specific and made many a sacrifice over the past few months. Be positive and back yourself, the fruits of your labour are about to shine through!

Be Realistic and Relative

The GCSE and A-Level exams more often than not are elevated beyond what they are, which ultimately is a set of exams, nothing more. They are not life defining nor are they going to determine the rest of your life. Be relative and realistic. Yes give it your all and strive to be the best you can be but that is a goal you should live by not just for exams, there is a lot more to life!

Nerves are good

Nerves should be embraced and used to relax and compose as oppose cause doubt and hesitance. Being nervous means you value the upcoming experience, have made the sacrifice and are focussed on the task in hand, all of which prove and emphasise your preparedness.

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