I’m afraid I won’t pass my exams; please help! Part 2

I’m afraid I won’t pass my exams; please help! Part 2

Afraid you won't pass you exams? We can help!

You were saying this close to your exams, we accepted you won’t get 100% in each of them, but now that you’re on your way to respectability and saying “I did it, I managed to pass my exams!”

Here are a further 8 fail-proof tips to ensure you don’t fail completely.

Remember, this is not a guide on how to be more organised; this is a lesson on last-minute, caffeine-fuelled cramming.

10) Take breaks

But when those minutes are up, force yourself to get back to it.

11) Food and Water

Your brain needs food to live and learn. If you're staying up late, have something substantial and quick: cheese on toast, baked beans, etc. Sip water whilst working to keep hydrated.

Less is more when it comes to coffee and sugary drinks. Don’t be Will from The Inbetweeners!

And be sure to try to eat something proper before each exam.

12) Speak to people

Even if it's just your mum. Don't start feeling like the walls are closing in. A quick phone call will remind you that there is life outside exams and soon you will be back in the world of the living.

13) Sleep...

You will perform much, much better the next day if your brain has had a chance to rest and process the information you've thrown at it.

14) ...but make sure you wake up

Once you're up, try to get and stay alert. Take a cooler shower than you normally would, stick your head out the window to get some fresh air and have breakfast.

15) Look over your notes

En route to your exam. Every little helps!

16) Don't panic #2

Read everything carefully and tackle the problems you know best or worth the most points first. Check your timing and make sure you're not spending too much time on one section.

17) Remember to never leave things to the last minute again

Yeah, that's probably not going to happen.

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