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Table of Contents

Drugs 5

Developing new drugs 5

Recreational drugs 6

Drugs and mental health 6

Drug abuse in sports 6

Environment and Energy 7

Plant adaptations 8

Animal adaptations 8

Microorganisms 10

Environmental changes 10

Pollution 10

Energy 11

Natural recycling 12

The carbon cycle 12

Genetics and Evolution 14

Types of reproduction 15

Cloning animals and plants 15

Genetic engineering 16

GM crops 17

Evolution 17

Natural selection 18

Diet and Health 20

Healthy Living 20

Food and Diet 20

Health risk factors 22

Importance of exercise 23

Diseases (Infections and Viruses) 23

The Body’s Defence System 24

Immunisation and Vaccination 25

Drugs, smoking & alcohol 27

Nerves and Hormones 29

The Nervous System 29

The Central Nervous System (CNS) 29

The eye 30

Control in the human body 31

Hormones in the body 32

The role of hormones in the menstrual cycle 33

Controlling Fertility 33

Control in plants 34

Plant Hormones: 34

Unit 1 – Drugs

Drugs are a central part of much controversy nowadays. Parties believe that drugs are beneficial while others believe they should be banned but the truth is that they both have good and bad qualities. This chapter deals with how drugs can be used in hospitals and other medical environments but also recreational drugs and the power they have on the human body.

On concluding this chapter, candidates will be able to:

  • Explain the stages of drug development and testing in clinical trials
  • Outline the reasons people take drugs for recreational purposes
  • Recognising links between drugs and mental health
  • Identify the side-effects of steroids in sport

Developing new drugs

C:\Users\mocks6\Downloads\download (6).jpgThere has been huge controversy surrounding the use of drugs in medical circumstances. For this reason, there needs to be a lot of drug testing before they can be passed on to any patients.

  • As new drugs are consistently developed for new illnesses, they must be teste...

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