Weimar Germany 1919-1929

Weimar Germany 1919-1929
GCSE History Revision Notes

By Dane O’ Neill

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Weimar Germany: 1919-1929


Introduction 5

Topic Keywords: 5

1.1 - Origins of Weimar Germany, 1919: A Shaky Start? 6

The Weimar Republic: a Genuine Attempt at Democracy 6

The Weimar Republic Constitution 6

1.2 - Problems with the Weimar Republic 7

The Weimar Republic: Political Problems 7

Article 48 7

1.3 - The Treaty of Versailles - More Problems for the Weimar Republic 7

The Weimar Government: Unpopular with the People 8

1.4 - Challenges to Weimar: Attempted Political Takeovers by Right Wing Groups 8

The Spartacist Revolt of 1919 8

Kapp- Putsch (Wolfgang Kapp, 1920) 8

The Munich-Putsch/Beer Hall Putsch, 1923 8

Anti-Semitism (a hatred for Jewish people) and the Murder of the German foreign Minister 9

1.5 - Weimar Germany: Economic Problems and the Ruhr Invasion (1923) 9

Introduction: Gustav Stresemann as Chancellor and Foreign Minister 10

2.1 - Economic Recovery under Stresemann 10

Stresemann: developments in International Relations 10

2.2 - Evaluation: The Extent of German Recovery under Stresemann 11

Cultural Recovery 11

Economic Recovery: 11

2.3 - Problems for Weimar Germany’s Recovery: The ‘Wall Street Crash’ (1929) and the Great Depression in America. 11

3.1 - Key Personality: Adolf Hitler’s early life and career 12

Hitler in the German Workers’ Party (DAP) 12

Hitler becomes leader of the DAP: The Birth of the Nazi Party. 12

3.2 - Early Development of Nazi Ideas 13

‘The 25 Point Plan’ 13

3.4 -The Munich Putsch/ The Beer...

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