“The Roaring 20s” The USA, 1919-1929

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“The Roaring 20s”: The USA, 1919-1929

GCSE History Revision Notes

By Dane O’ Neill

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“The Roaring 20s”: The USA, 1919-1929


Introduction 5

Topic Key Words: 5

1.1- Isolationism 6

America refuses to join the League of Nations: 6

Why did America refuse to join the League? 6

1.2 - The Effects of Isolationism 7

The Emergency Tariff Act (1921) 7

The Fordney-McCumber Tariff (1922) 7

1.3 - Prosperity in the 1920s: Technological Progress and Increased Consumer Demand 7

Economic Boom 7

Growth of Consumer Culture (Consumerism) 8

Republican Policies to support the boom 8

Advertising 8

Film and mass entertainment 9

Jazz clubs and a new way of socialising. 9

The changing role of women in society 9

Stock Market boom 10

The American Motor Industry and Henry Ford 10

2.1 - Rich versus poor: the continuation of poverty for some 11

Unequal distribution of Wealth 11

Urban poverty: African-Americans and ghettoes 11

Urban Poverty: Coal Mining 11

Rural Poverty: Agriculture (Wheat, Cotton) 12

2.2 - Divided Society: Immigration in 1920s America 12

Immigration and the ‘Red Scare’ 12

Immigration restrictions and WASP fears 12

2.3 - Racial discrimination in the 1920s 13

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) 13

Racist laws in America: the ‘Jim Crow Laws’ 14

 African-Americans COULD NOT VOTE: 14

 Blacks and whites were SEGREGATED: 14

2.4 - Prohibition and Organised Crime in the 1920s 14

Prohibition 14

The consequences of Prohibition: The Rise of Organised Crime in the 1920s 15

Prohibition America: Al Capone and the rise of Gang Warfare 15


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