Depression and the New Deal The USA, 1929-1941

Depression and the New Deal: The USA, 1929-1941

GCSE History Revision Notes

By Dane O’ Neill

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Introduction 5

Topic Key Words: Economic Depression; Hoover; Soup-Kitchens; Hoovervilles; Roosevelt; New Deal; Reform; Relief; Recovery; Hundred Days; Alphabet Agencies; American Farmers; Tennessee Valley Authority; National Recovery Administration (NRA); Public Works Administration; Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA); Social Security Act: World War Two; Lend-Lease 5

1.1 - The effects of the Wall Street Crash: The Collapse of Business and Industry 6

Immediate Consequences of the Crash 6

Unemployment and its effects 6

1.2 - The failures of Hoover’s government to deal with the Depression 7

Hoover: ‘A future bright with hope’ 7

Economic policies and failures 7

Hoover’s Unpopularity 8

1.3 - Hoover and the ‘Bonus Army Marches’, June 1932 8

The Election of Roosevelt (1932) 9

Roosevelt and the ‘New Deal’ 9

 Relief: 9

 Recovery: 9

 Reform: 9

2.1 - The New Deal: Roosevelt reassures the American people 10

Roosevelt’s ‘Fireside Chats’ 10

Roosevelt’s Inaugural Speech, (1932): Reassurance and Hope 10

2.2 - Stabilising the American Economy: the first ‘Hundred Days’ 10

Banking and Finance 10

The Glass-Steagall Act (1933) 11

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) 11

Roosevelt takes America off the ‘Gold Standard’ 11

The Beer Act (1933) 11

2.3 - The New Deal helping farmers, rural Americans, the unemployed, and reforming American businesses: the Alphabet Agencies 11

The Farming Relief Act, 193...

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