Human Geography B

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Table of Contents

Globalisation 4

Industrialisation and de-industrialisation in the world at present 5

The global demand for energy 5

Social, Economic and Environmental impacts of increased energy use 6

Importance of international directives on pollution control 6

Satisfying the need for foods all year round 7

Marginal land: low quality land, lacking nutrients. 8

Globalisation case studies 9

Wind power in the UK 10

The development gap 11

Correlation between different measurements of development 12

Limitations of using a single development measure 12

Traditional ways of classifying different parts of the world 12

Environmental factors contribute to global inequalities: 13

Attempts made to reduce global inequalities: 14

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of aid 15

Attempts EU have made to reduce different levels of development 18

The Development Gap Case Studies 19

Tourism 21

Reasons for global increase in Tourism 21

Economic Importance of Tourism 22

Tourism & the UK 22

External factors influencing tourism in UK 23

Tourism Case studies 25

Extreme Environment and Tourism 28


Connections between countries all over the world are constantly improving thanks to developments in communications and transport. Globalisation refers to these interrelationships and the way in which countries rely on each other (interdependence).

ICT: improvements in transport and communications

ICT provides immediate access to the world around us. Local industries can now have global connections as a result of this, therefore businesses are set up in small areas as communication across the world is possible.

In the UK a cluster of world famous motor companies have set up, this area is known as motorsport valley.

Reasons for development of call centres abroad (India):

  1. Many people (approx. 10% of population) speak English
  2. Operating costs and running costs are lower abroad
  3. It is cheaper to employ people abroad as sa...

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