Art and Design, Essential Revision Notes

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GCSE Art and Design

Art education is unlike any other subject in your school curriculum. As a subject at GCSE level, Art and Design teaches critical and creative thinking while also helping to develop artistic skills, practical skills, visual literacy, imagination and independence.

It provides a wide range of exciting opportunities to explore your interests in ways that are important to you and which are also developmentally beneficial. You will develop knowledge and understanding of art media, materials and processes relative to contemporary and history of art and culture. You will also grow in capacity to understand and appreciate the work of others.

While art and design is not as text based as most of your other subjects, it is not easy; it requires hard work, creativity and the determination to do your best. If you listen to the advice and guidelines presented in our notes, give 100% to every piece of work you create and have the determination to see projects through, you will succeed in achieving a high GCSE Art and Design grade. Your GCSE Art and Design broad-base course will educate you in a wide range of art modules which will leave you confident and prepared for option of continuing on to study an Art and Design subject in your A levels.

GCSE Art and Design guidelines

  • In Art and Design it's important to manage your time well and always complete work on time for deadlines.
  • Remember that all of the artwork you create throughout the two years of your GCSE studies will count towards your GCSE grade, so it's really important to give 100% to all of your work.
  • You should bring your sketchbook (and work diary if you use one)with you to all classes and be fully equipped with the appropriate materials for every lesson, most will be supplied by your teacher.
  • Be organised, keep your sketchbook, work diary and any other important items up to date and clear so that you can use them to ...

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