Starting Year 7 -Top Tips for Parents

July 20, 2015

Your child is starting Year 7: Top Tips for Parents

How can you help your teen adjust to being in secondary school?

Year 7 is an important one. Your child will begin secondary school and Key Stage 3; and need to embrace all of the new information and learning that second-level education entails.  

These are crucial years in your child’s development. It’s essential you continue to nurture the strong bond you have developed with your child to ensure that they can confide in you about any academic and personal issues they may encounter during secondary school.

Reinforce the basics
Students will be taught many of the subjects they learned in primary school. Reinforce to your child that their learning will be a continuation of their knowledge base; Year 7 is not as daunting as it seems.

Whether your child is moving schools or staying on the same campus, their social skills and mental preparation for their new environment will be significant elements of their making a strong start as a Year 7 student.  

Talk to your child about their favourite subjects and encourage them to focus on those. Explain that they will develop and gain more knowledge and skills in these areas. Give them examples of new skills they will acquire in their favourite subject(s) to foster their excitement and enthusiasm for September.

If there are subjects your child finds challenging, talk to them about the difficulties they have had and discuss active steps you could take together to help them develop those areas before Year 7 starts.

Prepare for new subjects 
Year 7 students will also learn a modern foreign language and study citizenship. Again, effective preparation and managing expectations is key to your child beginning these subjects with confidence and positivity. The more they know in advance, the better they will do.

The right to withdraw
Secondary schools provide Sex and Relationships education (SRE) and Religious Education. As a parent, you have the right to ask that your child be withdrawn from religious education classes (and certain parts of SRE).  

If you have any concerns, research the planned curriculum in these subjects and discuss them with your child before reaching a decision.

Learn together

starting year 7 at secondary school

In some schools, Year 7 students also begin lessons in PSHE – personal, social and health education.

Again, some research of the broad curriculum area will give you an opportunity to initiate some discussion with your child on various personal, social and health issues. This is a good opportunity for you to learn more about each other’s beliefs, and a chance to learn together.  

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