Interview with a GCSE Parent

August 17, 2015

Parenting a GCSE student – Just what is it like?

gcse parent

At we focus on getting your children ready for their exams. But we also try to support you, their parents, by offering you help and advice. This week we spoke with Heather about being a parent of a GCSE student to find out, first-hand, just what it’s like to be a GCSE parent.

1. What have you found challenging about having a child studying their GCSEs?

It's difficult to try and support your child, without putting them under more pressure – sometimes the suggestion of more study (any study!) can result in tears, an argument, doors being slammed, whatever, which is never good!

I find that gentle suggestions or introductions to a site such as iRevise help hugely.

2. How involved do you feel you need to be in your child's studies?

I think we need to support them, provide them with whatever additional resources they need, but be conscious of being too involved. Maybe ask to have a look at homework occasionally, but not every night, not every assignment.

3. Do you find the school informative and helpful?

Yes, mostly. Depends on the teacher really. I found that if I asked for help, some would help, others not so much.  

4. How do you help your child with homework?

If they're struggling with something, e.g. a maths question, we sit down and look at it together. Having an additional resource to hand, such as the iRevise maths video tutorials, helps immensely.

5. What do you find helps motivate your child to revise for exams?

Lots of encouragement. Once they realise how great it feels to get a good result, that's motivation enough! Fostering a sense of worth and a good work ethic helps.

Giving them additional resources is great too. Anything that helps them practise: quick notes, exam papers, revision notes. If they can get their hands on any of that sort of material, they're delighted.

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