Why to Monitor Your Child’s iPhone

March 16, 2015

Monitor Your Child's iPhone

monitor childs iphone

If you are concerned with your child or teenagers internet activity you may feel confused as to how to tackle the subject. Below we note the top few points surrounding this area.


The first port of call when dealing with this issue is trust. You may feel distrustful of your child as they seem to hide information from you, even being withholding when asked. Discuss the boundaries of trust with your child and find out how they feel about it.


Assumption can get us all in to trouble at times and as parents it is easy to fear the worst. Checking your child's phone can be deemed an invasion of privacy so it is best to communicate with your child first before taking any action. Try talking to them about what they are doing online, who they are talking to etc. - they may be more willing to talk than you think.


The internet can be a dangerous place and everyone can be exposed to scary situations. If you are the bill payer of the mobile device, you will have access to the security settings. Find out how to keep your child's phone safe and alter the settings.


Your child may be less than agreeable when it comes to setting restrictions on their phone. Make sure they are aware this is a matter of protection, and as their parent you have a right to protect your child, whether it be in the real world or online. 


Achieving an understanding between yourself and your child is a top priority in this situation. Make sure you talk to your child about how they use their mobile device and the safety precautions you enforce to keep them safe. 

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