A Parents’ Guide to Social Media

July 23, 2015

A Parents’ Guide to Social Media

parents guide - social media

As a parent it can be hard to keep up with all that is new in the online world. Social media is a huge part of online activity, especially for teenagers. Here we list the most popular apps and give you a better understanding of them.


Facebook is possibly the most popular social networking site, you may even be on it yourself. It is a place where you create a profile and add friends. You can share photo's, videos and statuses.


Snapchat is an app where you can send photos and videos but they can only be seen for a certain number of seconds. If you see your teenager pulling funny faces at their phone, or posing, they are probably using Snapchat. Although it is seen as a 'footprint-free' kind of app, it is still possible for others to capture and recover images so be aware of this.


Twitter is a fast paced news feed that people can contribute to. You create a profile and 'follow' and be 'followed' by other people, it is popular with celebrities and popular networks. This is the site that coined the 'hashtag' that you may hear a lot about. For a more complete guide click here.


Instagram is an app/website that focuses around photos. You can take a photo on your device and upload it to Instagram with a number of filters, you can link your image to different pages with hashtags. Again, you can follow and be followed by you friends and your images can be liked as well as you liking others.


Ask.fm is a question and answer site and is deemed popular by teenagers worldwide. It allows anyone to post anonymously but does allow you to have a profile. Anonymity on websites can lead to harmful behaviour so be aware of this.

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