Study Advice - The Christmas Holidays

December 11, 2017

Study Advice: The Christmas Holidays

Become a top student by getting the most out of your Christmas study

It’s the holiday season. You may be feeling a little guilty about all of the study you think you’re supposed to be doing, but you can and should relax; it is Christmas after all. There’s no need to panic just yet.


In our view, Christmas really is a time for family and friends, especially during exam years. Yes, it’s an ideal time for you to ensure that you’re on-track with the year thus far, but you should do this in moderation.


Assuming you’ve been doing your home-learning and paying reasonable attention in class, there’s no reason you can’t rest up and relax. However, you may decide to take the time to identify and fill in any gaps in your learning since September 1st.

Instead of cramming somewhat aimlessly, make any home-learning, extra reading, coursework or catch-up you’ve been assigned your priority.

If a teacher is asking you to work over what is also a holiday for them, they’re asking you to for a valid reason. Get the work done and be ready to rock and roll once January kicks in.

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