Should the answer always be ‘Take a test’ Part One

May 17, 2017

Should the answer always be ‘Take a test’?

Should the answer always be ‘Take a test’?

It’s election-time in England as summer begins, what’s quickly becoming an annual event a la exam season, but you’re probably too bogged down by last-minute revision and exam prep, not to mention sitting the actual exams, to pay any real attention.


Yet perhaps your voice is the most important of all.

You, the students, in the clutches of the current system, are surely best placed to opine on the state of the nation’s education system and whether the Conservative Party is getting it right.

Right now, the outgoing government’s answer to everything is, Take a test.

Want to get an idea of where young children are at as they enter pre and primary school?

Get them to take a test.

Want to set goals and targets for children to aspire to as teenagers?

Get them to take a test.

Want to encourage schools to be more rigorous in their approach to teaching and learning, to ensure they meet the highest possible standards of education?

Get them to get their students to take more tests.

We could go on but won’t.

So, what could or should we do differently, if anything? Should we resign ourselves, our younger friends and siblings – future children – to a lifetime of test-taking, or look for something more?

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