Revision over the Christmas Holidays for GCSE Students

December 18, 2015

GCSE revision: Tackling the Christmas break

What is the best way to study over the Christmas season?

No student wants to think about revising over their Christmas break. Students are probably looking forward to a rest from study. However doing some revision over the break can be very beneficial and it will help reduce stress and take the pressure off once you are back at school. You will have the chance to get a lot of work done without the pressures of schoolwork if you stay focused and organised.

The following are five steps you can take to optimise your Christmas break revision.

1. Make a revision timetable

This will help keep you motivated and add structure to your revision. It should clearly set out your goals for the break, and help you make the most effective use of your free time.  You will be organised and your brain will be focused as your days have routine.

Make your plan a realistic and reachable one. Make sure to allocate equal time to your subjects and, if needed, more time to ones you find difficult.


2. Begin early

Starting your revision in the morning has many advantages. You will be more focused and productive than if you start in the afternoon. Once you get your revision done you can relax for the afternoon.

You should try to revise in the same place and at the same time each day as it helps you to stay organised and keeps your brain focused.

Try to get up at the time you usually would for school during the week, then reward yourself by having a sleep-in at the weekends.


3. Get rid of distractions

Try to ignore all interruptions. This may be difficult as you may have siblings who do not have to revise and they will be making the best of their holidays. If this is the case, the local library is always a good place to revise as it is quiet and will allow you to concentrate.

It is a good idea to switch off your phone and log out of social media sites as it can be very tempting to check them and they are very time-consuming. If and when you do, it can then be very difficult to return to study. The less distractions there are, the better you will revise.


4. Practise exam questions

This is extremely important and this break is a very good time to get started on them – if you haven’t already. 

By completing actual exam questions, you will be able to practise your exam technique, get the timing for each questions and try to do the question within it, and learn how to answer the question that is being asked.

Before you start, make sure you know what the examiner is looking for.

It may be scary at first as you may not know all the answers and you may have the timing wrong. But, practise really does make perfect.


5. Take days off and rest

There is no point working yourself so hard over the holidays that you are exhausted when you go back to school. There is no need to study every day of the holidays; everyone needs a break. Spend time with your family and friends and take time for yourself to relax.

Exercise is also important – a brisk walk or jog each day or every other day is enough to keep your brain focused. Make sure to get enough sleep each night and go back to school feeling refreshed and recharged. To make the most of this Christmas break, you need to have a balance between your study and personal life.


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