Pigeon English - Important Quotes Explained Part Two

May 9, 2017

Pigeon English - Important Quotes Explained - Part Two

Pigeon English Quotes - GCSE English Literature

Are you unsure of what some of the most important quotes in Pigeon English mean, or need a handful of quotations to use as part of your revision to slot into any Pigeon English essay?


Well, this is the blog for you. Check out Part II of your quotes guide below.

Her laughing was like a wave in the sea, when it landed on you it made you laugh as well.

Page 109

Harri may only be 11 but these lines – a description of his baby sister Agnes’ laugh – demonstrate his emerging grasp of what it feels like to love someone else, Kelman utilising a wave simile to highlight how contagious Harri finds Agnes’ laugh.

Doing something bad on purpose is worse than doing it by mistake. You can mend a mistake but on purpose doesn't just break you, it breaks the whole world bit by bit like the scissors on the rock.

Page 114

These lines are Harri’s reaction to learning that Lydia has bleached what appear to be the murderer’s clothes; Harri feels that the intent behind any wrong is almost as significant as the wrong itself.

Having a girlfriend is easy. You just hold hands sometimes. That's your only duty. The rest of the time you can just have fun like normal.

Page 145

Here Harri outlines his childish understanding of what it means to be part of a romantic relationship with someone else. However, although the description seems child-like, it is an accurate description of the innocence and simplicity of courtships at a young age.

When there's a star on a flag it stands for freedom. The star points in all directions, it means you can go anywhere you want. That's why I love stars,because they stand for freedom.

Page 183

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