Pigeon English - Important Quotes Explained Part Three

May 10, 2017

Pigeon English - Important Quotes Explained - Part Three

Pigeon English Quotes - GCSE English Literature

Are you unsure of what some of the most important quotes in Pigeon English mean, or need a handful of quotations to use as part of your revision to slot into any Pigeon English essay?


Well, this is the blog for you. Check out Part III of your quotes guide below.

Here Harri reflects on some of the different national flags he has seen and what they represent. Given that stars tend to represent states or regions within a nation, he is inaccurate in his explanation of a star’s symbolism.

However, Harri’s personal inference about their shape being a representation of freedom is both beautiful and heart-breaking, given that Harri and his family are increasingly trapped within their situation.

Your superstitions tickle me, I see it all the time in the touching of buttons, the scattering of salt. It's kind of sweet, you think if you dress death in costume and ritual he'll defect to your side. You think you can distract him just by making more of yourselves, keep chipping off the old block and blind him with the splinters.

Page 190

This quotation is the pigeon speaking to remark on the comfort he witnesses humans seeking in superstition. It’s clear the pigeon is entertained by his experience of and time spent bearing witness to human lives, but that this same experience has made him both realistic and cynical.In the pigeon’s mind, everyone and everything dies; we just postpone our ends.

What your problem is, you all want to be the sea. But you're not the sea, you're just a raindrop. One of an endless number. If only you'd just accept it, things would be so much easier. Say it with me: I am a drop in the ocean. I am neighbour, nation, north and nowhere. I am one among many and we all fall together.

Page 210

Again, here the pigeon reflects on what he sees as the futility of human nature and desire.

We all long to be unique and special, greater than we actually are, but the reality is that we are all mere specks in the universe, ‘endless’ drops in a big ‘sea’.

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