Pigeon English - Important Quotes Explained

May 8, 2017

Pigeon English - Important Quotes Explained

Pigeon English Quotes - GCSE English Literature

Are you unsure of what some of the most important quotes in Pigeon English mean, or need a handful of quotations to use as part of your revision to slot into any Pigeon English essay?


Well, this is the blog for you. Check out Part I of your quotes guide below.

Altaf is very quiet. Nobody really knows him. You're not supposed to talk to Somalis because they're pirates. Everybody agrees. If you talk to them you might give away a clue to where you keep your treasure and the next thing you know, your wife has been strangled alive and they're throwing you to the sharks.

Page 52

Here Harrison demonstrates the impact of adults passing on their prejudice to children with humorous effect as Kelman also gives us an insight into a child’s logic, and the manner in which children infer and create based on the information they receive from others.

In short, Harri marries what he has been told about Somalis and what he knows about pirates to create his own narrative.

He who smelt it dealt it. He who denied it supplied it. He who sensed it dispensed it. He who knew it blew it. He who noted it floated it. He who declared it aired it. He who spoke it broke it. He who exposed it composed it. He who blamed it flamed it. (All these are just for farts.)

Page 64

This quotation is just one example of the importance of knowing who is narrating the text in each specific chapter. These lines appear in a section in which Harri recounts all the things he has learned since coming to school; these are the many ways in which he has learned to declare and attribute blame for someone farting!

A virgin is a lady who isn't married yet. They're prized because they're so rare. Only the gods can eat them. Married ladies gave them the shits. Everybody agreed.

Page 103

This is a further example of the information handed down to Harri by adults, this dealing with the more traditional African tribal view of marriage and sexuality, and again, in the way Quote #1 was a little shocking for its ignorance, this quotation’s ever-shortening sentences increase its bluntly humorous impact.

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