I’m afraid I won’t pass my exams; please help! Part 1

April 20, 2017

I’m afraid I won’t pass my exams; please help!

Help! I think I'm failing my exams.

If you’re saying this close to your exams, we may have to accept that you won’t get 100% in each of them, but here are our first 9 fail-proof tips to ensure you don’t fail completely. So that, come results day, you can say, “I did it, I managed to pass my exams!”

Every year, most students worldwide repeat the same mantras. "This time's going to be different: I'm going to stay on top of everything and leave nothing to the last minute."

Of course, that hardly ever happens. Bad habits are the hardest things to change.

So, this is not a guide on how to be a more organised person; this is a lesson on last-minute, caffeine-fuelled cramming.

1) Don't panic

The most important thing to remember. These may be the most important exams of your life but you won't get anything done if you start acting like a headless chicken.

2) Find a suitable place to work

Your desk, the kitchen table, the library, etc.; wherever works for you, just be prepared to stay there.

3) Be prepared

Assemble your resources – paper, notes, water bottle.

4) Get rid of fun distractions

Do what you must make yourself concentrate. Put your phone in another room. Turn off the Wi-Fi. Work on paper. If you need to fact-check something online, start a list to look up later.

5) Plan

You haven't time to cover everything so pick the important areas of each exam to revise. Tick these off as you go.

6) Time management

Try to work in 25-minute blocks, with a five-minute break at the end. Allow yourself more time to go over difficult topics.

7) Start

Harder than it seems. MAKE yourself do it.

8) Don't get frustrated

If you get stuck, don't stress. Make a note and come back to it later.

9) Allow for (and accept) some procrastination

Don't beat yourself up. Just get straight back to work and don't let it throw you off.

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