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October 28, 2015

Writing the best English essay: 3 top tips


How to write the best English Essay

Looking at previous grade A – now grade 9 – essays will give you a good barometer of the level you are expected to reach to get top marks. There are many samples of English essay templates that are invaluable when attempting to achieve a better overall exam performance and reach your academic goals.

There are three steps to consider when writing an English essay. You need to look at the time slot that you have available for the essay in the context of the overall paper; then you need to allocate time for each of these three steps.


P-W-P (planning, writing, and proofing)

The first step is to plan your answer. Set out what you want to say in a plan containing your essay’s key points. Work with the beginning, middle and end, and write down, in a few bullet points, the main message you want to convey. Then you are ready to start. 

The next step is to complete the bulk of the work – i.e. to write your answer.  Use the original layout in your plan to set out your answer and ensure that you have included everything you originally set out to do. 

Do not leave this question until completing Step 3, which is to check your work.  Check through the essay for meaning and content, and of course for correct spellings and grammar.  When you are satisfied with all three steps, you can move on. 


Responding directly to triggers and prompts

There will always be prompts and trigger words in the essay question that you need to look out for. The subject matter may not be as generic as you think. You need to read through what is being asked and double-check it before you start writing the content.  Look at the nuances and themes being asked for and make sure you are answering the right question in the right way.


Effective introductions and conclusions

The first sentence of your essay needs to be arresting and grab the reader’s attention.  It needs to set the scene clearly, answer the brief in the question and make the reader want to read more. 

Throughout, you will need to convince the examiner that you fully understand what is being asked of you.  Use your writing to showcase your vocabulary and show that you have studied and developed a good knowledge of the subject in the body of the essay. Try to back up what you are saying with quotations/specific examples wherever necessary.

The conclusion is another place that you can show your understanding of the text and here you need to refer back to the original question and make your conclusions in the most effective way that you can.


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