Half-Term Revision - 5 Top Tips!

February 11, 2017

Half-Term Revision: 5 Top Tips

Half Term Revision Study Tips - GCSE & A-Level. Mock Exams.

Be realistic

We all have high aspirations and make outrageous claims at the start of the school holidays.

Remember that without some structure your days will go a little awry but that's okay. You are on a break from school after all. Don't overestimate the amount of time you will study but recognise what needs to be done, find a balance between study and leisure, and you will enjoy your break while being productive.



Make sure you know what needs to be done. Be honest with yourself about what areas need extra attention. Put your weaknesses first and prioritise your workload. 

Make a schedule

Somehow two weeks seems a lot longer than it is. Plan your holiday before it starts, set realistic goals and targets and aim to keep them up throughout the break.

Keep your schedule somewhere you can see and work to it as best you can.


Have some down-time

You’ve been given this break for a reason. The school year, especially from January onwards, can be tough and with exams looming it can seem like you are between a rock and a hard place.

Remember to take some time for yourself to relax. You have worked hard all year.


Enjoy yourself

Don’t make the entire break about study. It’s important to socialise and get away from the books for a while. Use your hobbies and leisure time as rewards when you achieve your study goals. You will feel more positive and relaxed when doing the things you enjoy.

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