GCSE Results Day 2015 - Our Quick Guide

August 17, 2015

GCSE Results Day 2015: Quick Guide


Be Positive

There is no point in getting into a worried mess, what's done is done! 

Eat a healthy breakfast

Try to eat something fresh and healthy before you leave the house.  You'll need your energy.  Maybe skip the full English breakfast though.

Put credit in your phone

You will be making phone calls, checking Snapchat and Twitter.  

Bring someone with you

Even if it's only your little brother, bringing someone along will make things easier.

Got the results you wanted?

Great! take a break and celebrate the fact and enjoy every moment of it.  When you have had time for the news to settle in, then think about what you think you might want to do next and it will be likely that you will want to proceed on to AS and A levels.  

Think about what you are interested in and what you seem to be performing best in and have detailed discussions with your parents or career guidance teachers to plan the next steps in your education, whether that is going on to further education or thinking about combining working and learning or taking on a vocational course.


Could have done better?

What do you do if you don't receive the results you want in your GCSE?

If you are disappointed with your results, first of all,  don’t panic! there are always options.  Don't feel that you have to go in to detail on your results with everybody that you meet. Speak to someone you trust. 


No matter what your results are, pat yourself on the back.  You completed the GCSE exams and it’s another very important and landmark step in your ongoing educational journey. 

Congratulations from everyone at iRevise.com

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