GCSE Maths Unit 1 - Bar Charts and Pie Charts

February 15, 2016

GCSE Maths: Bar Charts and Pie Charts

How do you figure out Bar Charts & Pie Charts?

A pie chart represents categorical data in a circular form. Each sector displays the proportions as angles measured from the centre of the circle. The different sectors of a pie chart must add up to 100%. The largest sector is the mode.

An example of a Pie ChartAn example of a Bar Chart

Sample question

A company sells items online and in a shop. The chart shows information about its sales in past years, and the table gives sales data for 2011.

GCSE Maths PIe Chart Sales Example

i) What percentage of the total sales in 2011 were online and in the shop? Calculate the ratio of online sales to shop sales for 2011.

ii) Show the information for 2011 sales on the chart.



  1. Online: 152/200 x 100% = 76%.  
  2. Shop: 48/200 x 100% = 24%.

Ratio Online : Shop = 76% : 24% = 19:6

GCSE Maths Bar Chart Example Sales


Sales (£)







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