English Language Paper 1 – What can I expect - An Outline

June 2, 2017

AQA English Language Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing

AQA Language Paper 1 – What can I expect?


What's assessed

Section A: Reading

 one literature fiction text

Section B: Writing

 descriptive or narrative writing



 written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes

 80 marks

 50% of GCSE


Reading (40 marks) (25%) – one single text

 1 short form question
(1 x 4 marks)

 2 longer form questions
(2 x 8 marks)

 1 extended question
(1 x 20 marks)

Writing (40 marks) (25%)

 1 extended writing question 
(24 marks for content, 16 marks for technical accuracy)

Instructions and Advice

Paper 1 is about fiction texts. You will be given a fiction extract to read. In the first half of the exam you will have to answer questions about this extract. In the second half of the exam you will produce your own piece of creative writing. The exam is out of 80.

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