Embracing Exam Nerves - A Guide to Embracing Yours.

April 13, 2017

Exam Nerves: How to embrace yours

Get to grips with your exam nerves!

It’s the beginning of the end. Your school days are numbered and let's be honest: they no longer feel like school days. It’s time to face the music and show off your hard work.

Approaching a milestone such as an exam, which so much emphasis has been placed on, can cause anxiety. It’s important to remember that nerves are a good thing and should be looked on positively: they indicate your desire to perform well.  

Be confident

By nature, we are our own toughest critics. We tend to fear the worst and be pessimistic about our chances of success.

Reflect on what you’ve done. If you’ve worked consistently, retained focus, been specific in your studies, and made some sacrifices, the fruits of your labour are about to shine through.

Be realistic and have perspective

Exams more often than not are elevated beyond what they are – a set of exams, nothing more. They are not life-defining nor are they going to determine your future.

Yes, you need to give them your all and strive to be the best you can be. But then again, these are goals you should strive for in everything, not just when it comes to exams.

Consider nerves a positive

Embrace any nerves you feel. Use them as an opportunity to relax and compose yourself instead of compounding them into hesitation and doubt.

Being nervous means you value what’s ahead of you; you have made sacrifices and are focused on the task at hand. If anything, they prove and emphasise your preparedness.

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