Considering a Saturday Job - Yes or No

April 30, 2016

Should you work while studying? The pros and cons of a part-time job

Our guide on Saturday Jobs as a teenager

If you’re 14 or older, it’s possible for you to get a part-time job. What you can do, legally speaking, including the days and hours you can work, is detailed here.

The jobs you can do
The types of jobs available to you at this age include things such as shop and hotel work, waiting tables, hair salon help and car washing. If these jobs interest you, look around your local area to see who’s hiring.

Hours you can work
Laws regarding how many hours and the days a minor can work each week are quite strict. For the majority, minors’ working hours are kept to a Saturday as this is when a minor can work up to 8 hours (with a break after 4 hours). Make sure any work you do follows official guidelines.

Skills to be learnt
You can learn many practical and social skills from a working environment. New challenges and responsibilities will help you grow in a different way to school. These skills are often transferable and will help you in the future.

Building a CV
At 14, it’s unlikely that you have any experience to put on your CV. Working on a Saturday will help build your CV’s foundations. A Saturday job, along with your academic achievements, will demonstrate real world experience and the skills you have learnt to date.

Earning your own money

Earning your own money is a liberating experience and will help you to understand this aspect of adult life. Being able to buy things for yourself is a great way to learn how to manage money.

Also, being aware of the amount of work it takes to earn a certain amount of money will give you a new appreciation for those who support you.

Suffering studies

If you leave all of your homework until the weekend, a Saturday job may not be for you. Working is great, for many reasons, but if it brings your grades down it’s not worth it in the long-term. Some people can juggle both but you must know your limits.


Working on a Saturday can be great but you may also find you miss out on certain social activities. Some people enjoy making money rather than spending it so keep that in mind. If you have a particular sport or hobby you do on a Saturday, you may need to see if there is a compromise somewhere.

Your choice

Remember, when you reach 14 or 15 years of age, you are not obliged to work. Work can be beneficial as it builds practical skills and earns you money but it may not be for you just yet. You can try it out and see if it works but, essentially, it’s your choice; do what’s best for you.

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