Best 8 tips to motivate yourself to study - UPDATED for 2019

February 23, 2017

Motivating your study: 8 top tips

How to keep yourself motivated for your exams

Finding motivation can be difficult for the most mundane tasks but when it comes to study it can be near impossible. So how can you motivate yourself?

1. Consider how much better life will be once your exams are finished

Before you begin to think of the actual study, think of how you will feel once it’s finished and what you will have gained from it.

2. Make every thought move you forward

Encourage all of your thoughts to end in a positive conclusion. Remember, you are doing this for your own gain; push yourself forward mentally and the results will show.

3. Visualise yourself taking action

If you can visualise it, you can do it. Begin with imagining yourself studying, focus on it, and before you know it you will be motivated to get started. If you are thinking about it, you may as well be doing it.

4. Remember, small actions add up

Try not to think of all the study you need to do as one lump sum. You will be surprised how much you get through by tackling small tasks – each one at a time.

5. ‘Nail’ your feet to the floor

Find a good study space, and stay there. Avoid procrastination by leaving the room and wandering around; staying in one place will keep your study consistent.

6. Fire up your dopamine levels

During your study breaks, do what makes you happy, whether that’s exercise, chatting to friends, or listening to your favourite songs.

Return to study just after you have done something that makes you happy. Studying in a positive mind-set yields better results.

7. Begin before you feel ‘ready’

Trick yourself and start a little earlier than planned. If you say you will start at 5pm, start at 4.55pm. This is an effective motivational tip because too much thinking/preparation time before a specific task can make us more anxious and less willing to start work on it8

8. Remind yourself: This won’t go on forever

Study is a means to an end and will be over before you know it. Reward yourself after each study session and tick it off your list. Each tick moves you one step closer you to the end!

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