AQA Speaking and Listening, 2017 onwards; What’s changed

May 31, 2017

AQA Speaking and Listening, 2017 onwards; What’s changed?

What has changed with English Language? Speaking & Listening AQA

Since September 2015, AQA GCSE English Language (as well as that of OCR, Eduqas, and Pearson) will have an endorsed component covering Spoken Language. This endorsement will be reported as a separate grade (Pass, Merit, Distinction or Not Classified) and will not contribute to your overall GCSE English Language grade.

So, AQA Speaking and Listening in 2017, what does it look like?


Tasks for completion

Each candidate must undertake a prepared spoken presentation on a specific topic. As a guide, the duration of the whole assessment should be no more than ten minutes.

Your key requirements are:

  1. Presentations must be formal but may take a wide variety of forms, including talks, debates, speeches and dialogues.
  2. You must identify the subject for their presentations in advance and agree it with your teacher.
  3. Presentations must be planned and organised; lack of preparation is likely to prevent your access to the criteria for the higher grades.
  4. You may use pre-prepared notes, PowerPoint, etc. during your presentations but this is not a requirement.
  5. As part of, or following, the presentation, you must listen to and respond appropriately to questions and feedback.
  6. Where your audience is a teacher only, the presentation and dialogue must be designed in such a way that it could have a potentially wider audience than just one person (e.g. it replicates a television interview)


No marks will be assigned to your performance – your performance will be assessed holistically as a grade, using a ‘competency’ basis. Competency means that a student must meet all the criteria in one grade before moving on to the next. Candidates who do not reach the Pass standard must be recorded as Not Classified.

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