A Back to School Guide – ‘Look forward’

August 2, 2017

A Back to School Guide Part II – ‘Look forward’

We continue our guide to getting back to school

The smell of freshly cut grass starts to dwindle, shops have trouble keeping exercise books, pens, and pencils on their shelves, and schools begin to become hubs of life once again: all signs that a new school year is en route!

However, although going back to school is a fresh start and an opportunity for most students, the very word ‘back’ implies that a number of them find going back a difficult process, or at least an upsetting thought.

If you count yourself amongst that number, you should use this blog to get yourself ready, to ‘prepare, look forward, and reflect/plan.’

This is the guide to help you make the most of going back.

Look forward

Once you know you’ll have the things you need equipment, clothing, and nourishment-wise, another way to encourage yourself to look forward to going back is to think about all of the good things about your school.

Yes, you may not like the process of going to school for whatever reason, but you are bound to have friends, teachers, classes, activities, or at least times of the day that you do like. Let yourself look forward to being reunited with these.

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