4 Tips for After the Mock Exams

February 17, 2017

After the mock exams: Your next steps

Tips & Advice for after your Mock exams

Having sat your mock exams, you may be feeling mixed emotions. This is your first taste of what is to come at the end of the school year, so well done for getting through it. 

The first thing you need to do after what has been a relatively stressful period is decompress.

1. Put your books away

You have spent the last couple of months with your face stuck in your textbooks. You spend all day with them at school, then they linger around you all evening when you study.

Having just finished a set of exams, you need some time and space for yourself. Put the books you’ve used to study in a wardrobe or cupboard – somewhere out of sight. For now, keep them out of mind.

Don’t throw them away, however… you’ll need them again soon enough!

2. Take a bath

The effect that stress can have on your body is incredible. You may not notice it initially but you are more likely to be tense, and this tension can seep into your muscles. You may also not be eating and sleeping as well as you should and this will also have a knock-on effect.

No doubt the mock exam period was tough on you, so for now it is time to relax. Taking a bath relaxes your muscles, cleanses you, and gives you some breathing space.

3. Reinvest in your hobbies

Your hobby may be horse-riding or football, sewing or reading. Whatever it is, it’s likely have not had a lot of time to do it lately. You may feel exhausted and not want to do much of anything but reinvesting time in your hobby has various benefits. For one, it will refresh your brain – which may have been working overtime recently.

So much thinking and learning may have been tough mentally but allowing your brain to vegetate for a period of time before returning to intense study will prove counterproductive.

Moreover, your hobby is what you love doing so keep it up; it will help you to remain positive, give you a sense of achievement, and remind you that there is more to life than revision – even in an exam year.

4. Spend time with your family and friends

Your social life may have been non-existent while you were studying for your exams and although your family are always around you, it’s difficult to spend real time with them when you have your head stuck in the books.

Family time is important, even if it’s just helping your Mum with dinner or chatting with your Dad over a cup of tea. Nobody loves and supports you like your family, especially during more challenging times like preparing for exams, so make the effort to catch up with them.

Meanwhile, few people need convincing to hang out with their friends; but if you feel you’ve lost touch, be the first to make contact. Everyone your age will have similar experiences when it comes to exams, plus there are plenty of other things to talk about.

Reconnect with the people you care about and have as much fun as possible.


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