Support your Child During Exams

January 1, 2017

Support your Child During Exams

In short

How to support your child through the stress of revision and exams.

Helping with revision

The secret to doing well in exams lies in practice and planning . You can help your child to create a clear revision plan and method of studying that will make them feel in control of their work.

Tips for revision planning:

  • Agree and work out a revision timetable for each subject with your child
  • Rotate the revision schedule to prevent boredom
  • make sure your child has all the essential books and materials
  • condense notes onto postcards to act as revision prompts
  • buy new stationery, highlighters and pens to make revision more interesting
  • break revision time into small chunks - hour-long sessions with short breaks at the end of each session often work well
  • check your child  and discuss the revision method as  they revise a topic
  • time your child's attempts at practice papers
  • Concentrate revision on past examination papers

Support  for the child

Support your child in exam years by being a good friend, being patient and a good listener

Ensure the home is calm happy and pleasant for the child by having a comfortable quiet study room away from noise The best way to support your child during the stress of revision and exams is to make home life as calm and pleasant as possible. It helps if other members of the household are aware that your child may be under pressure and that allowances should be made for this.

Encourage your child to take regular breaks to relax and refresh their minds

Allow the child free access to healthy food during study periods and ensure all meals are pleasant experiences and a haven from the hard work

If your child is given study leave in the run-up to exams, try to be at home as much as possible so that you can share a break and a chat together.

Encourage regular exercise to clear the head and to enable the child to have a good sleeping pattern

Advise your child not to cram at exam time and to have good sleeping periods .

It's important to get a good night's sleep before an exam, so discourage your child from staying up late to cram. And make sure he or she eats a good breakfast on the morning of the exam.

Discourage too much analysis of exams just undertaken as it can  be upsetting

Examination Goals

Encourage your child to do well for his or her own sake rather than to please you. Make sure your child knows you're interested in their work and that you are proud  of their efforts  and you will be delighted for them if they achieve well.  Explain that exams aren't an end in themselves but a gateway to the next stage of life - to another Key Stage or to GCSEs, A levels, university, college or work. Good results are themselves the best reward for hard work and will make your child proud of his or her achievements.

Make sure your child knows you're interested in their work and that you'll be proud if they do well. Praise their efforts and all the study they have undertaken for the exam    

The end of exams can be celebrated with a treat that everyone can look forward to such as a night in the cinema and a meal.

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