A Parents Guide to GCSE Results 2015

August 19, 2015

A Parents Guide to GCSE Results 2015

gcse results day parent's guide

Here’s a parent’s guide to GCSE Results 2015:

Be Prepared

Parents websites are already filling up with queries around GCSE results and predictions, so the first thing to do is to research what is likely to happen on the day and what the timings will be and sit down with your child and make a plan.  

Don’t Stress

GCSEs are important qualifications and mark the way on the path to A-levels and / or further study.  However, it is important not to over emphasise their importance in the general scheme of things or stress unnecessarily if your child does not get the exact results that he / she was expecting.

Communicate with your Child

Your child is likely to be feeling a certain level of stress about their results, so ensure that you have open communication with them in the lead-up to the big day.  Talk to them and try to alleviate any worries that they have.  Find out what they are thinking and how they will feel if they do not get the results that they want and reassure them that they will still have options.

Be Led By Your Child

Find out what your child would like to do when it comes to opening their results.  Ask them if they would prefer to open them at their school and research the school policy and how this will be done. Make sure that they have a mobile phone with them, so that they can get in touch with you immediately, as it’s likely that you will find the wait just as nerve wracking as them!

Know Your Options

The most important and key results will be English and Maths and most universities, sixth-form colleges and employers will look for at least a C qualification in these subjects.  If your child has missed out on this, remember that there is an option to do a retake and it is possible to retake English and Maths in November.  For other subjects, retakes can be done the following June.  However before deciding to do any retakes it will be important to speak to the college that your child is planning to attend and to ask their advice. Some colleges even offer classes to help prepare for retakes and can be very supportive around this.


Parents need to factor in the GCSE celebration plans of their children so that there are no last-minute disagreements or arguments when they tell you what they are planning to do!  Talk to your child in advance about how they are expecting to celebrate.  You may want to have a family meal or outing but it is likely that they will want to also celebrate with their friends so you will need to establish exactly what their plans are and outline the parameters around this.

Plan ahead now and good luck on GCSE results day.

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