How to Find and Choose University Accommodation

August 21, 2015

How to Find and Choose University Accommodation

How do you find and choose the accommodation you want at university?

And They’re Off … 

You may not believe this but if you leave it until after you have accepted a place to start looking for university accommodation you may even be too late. Part of your research when choosing a university should be an in-depth look at what sort of accommodation is available there.  Look in to this before accepting a place and then when you have accepted a place it is important to move quickly in securing the sort of accommodation that you want.  Make sure to do your research and be fast acting to get the exact accommodation that you want.

How Do You Want to Live?

There are many different ways of approaching student accommodation and you will need to think long and hard about the way you want to live when starting out at university.  Do you know anybody starting in the same year? Are you travelling a long way from home?  What is your budget?  You will need to think about whether you would like to stay in the University Halls or on campus or whether you prefer to start off by being completely independent and away from the university in the local community and be completely self catering.

Weigh Up the Benefits 

Draw up a list of the pros and cons of each method of living.   All universities will have an accommodation office so make contact with them and find out exactly the different types of accommodation available and their costs.  Then look at what you think will suit you.  Student halls of residences will give you an instant community if you are starting out in university without knowing anybody. They will be located on or near the university campus which will save you money and time on travel.  They will have communal areas and hall committes to help create a sense of community.  They will provide safety and security for you.  There will be different choices to suit you – for example do you prefer catered, self-catering or particular residency periods.   

Some university accommodation offers All-inclusive rent which will cover utility bills, internet, maintenance and communal cleaning and this will save you having to think about all of these costs on a weekly basis.  If you are moving to university with a group of friends, why not consider renting an apartment or house together and sharing the cost?  However it will be important to draw up a clear lease or agreement covering deposits and damage protection on this to ensure that everybody is playing their part.  Local accommodation websites and local newspapers are very useful for sourcing good quality accommodation near universities, but be safe and careful when viewing and always bring a friend or colleague with you.

Whether you decide to get impartial help from your university at the student accommodation office, go to a letting agent, find your student accommodation online or go directly to a private landlord, make sure to compare and contrast all the options available to make sure that your choice covers your personal needs so that you can have a great start to some of the best years of your life.

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