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Transition Year

Transition Year

What transition year is about and benefits

The transition year programme’s aim is to promote a range of competencies and skills not usually garnered during the academic year.

The emphasis is to develop:

  • Social Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Self Directed Learning
  • Providing people with work experience.

Depending on the school, transition year maybe compulsory.

There is no prescribed format to the transition year, however, it will more than likely cover the following:

  • Work Experience
  • Computer studies
  • Academic Work
  • Cultural studies
  • Practical skills
  • Business activity
  • Social awareness
  • Computer studies.

Benefits of Transition year

Transition year will not suit everyone and time should be taken to consider it.

Performance in Examination

Students who take Transition year perform better in the Leaving Certificate exam than those who don’t. This may be the deciding factor.

However, parents should consider the cost of transition year as there are a significant amount of extra curricular activities involved that may come at a great expense.