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Choosing a Course

Choosing a Course

How Many Subjects should I choose?

Your Leaving Cert points to progress to third level are calculated on your best six subjects. For this reason most schools allow students to do seven subjects for the Leaving Cert.

A number of students choose to do an additional subject outside of the subjects offered in school and then they complete the ordinary level paper to ensure the pass the subject they expect to do least well in.

Are there any compulsory subjects?

You must choose Irish English and Maths unless you qualify for an exemption from these subjects.

Some courses require you to have completed some subjects to gain entry into that course e.g. for TCD pharmacy are required to achieve a minimum of a C3 in Higher Level chemistry and in another science subject (Physics or Biology).

Why do different colleges have different requirements to gain entry into the same course?

The CAO system is structured in such a way that you may have to choose your preferred course in a number of different colleges. This can be a problem as different colleges may have different requirements for the course.

It is best to assume you may not get the points for your first choice course and make sure you meet the requirements for a number of different courses for the courses you would like to do.

It is very advisable to seek assistance from your Guidance Counsellor or complete an online Aptitude test to see if a particular course suits you.

Did you know 1 in 3 people drop out of their original course!

This can be very costly and could cost you and your parents in excess of €20,000 with lost course fees and living expenses.