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Advice after getting Leaving Cert results

Advice after getting Leaving Cert results

How do I appeal my results?

Students who are not satisfied with their results can appeal one or more of their Leaving Cert results to the State Examinations Commission.  Examination scripts may be viewed before making a decision to appeal results. The Organising Superintendent for the State Examinations Commission will assign a specific viewing session for each student.

Students are entitled to bring one other person with them when viewing their script. When you collect your results from your school /centre or online you are given all the documentation to avail of the viewing and the appeal process at your school. Candidates have two options available to them when applying for an appeal -a bank giro facility or an internet facility. Each student will get a unique reference number which enables the Commission to trace payments and match it with appeal applications.

Applications for rechecks must arrive in the State Examination Commission by Wednesday the 4th of September. 

School candidates applying for rechecks will need to have returned all necessary forms to their school a few days earlier. 

What is the cost of appealing?

The cost of appealing the Leaving Certificate Established is €40 per subject and €15.50 per subject for the Leaving Certificate Applied.  

Where will I find more on appealing results?

For more Information on appealing results click on the following link to the State Examinations Commission’s website.

Now that I have my results, what next?

The CAO results first round offers are expected out on the 15th August 2019 and second round offers will be out on the 28th August 2019.

The deadline for acceptance of  first round CAO offers is 23rd of August at 5.15pm and the 30th of September for second round offers. 

If you did not get any offers what other options are available for Further Education?

For information on further education please visit the following websites:



Failte Ireland









In addition to the above, you can either complete an access course, or repeat the leaving certificate.  


What is an Access Course?

An Access Course is available for school leavers that have the aspiration to study at third level, but due to financial and/or social reasons do not have the opportunity. The Access Course is available to school leavers from all schools in the BMW region and County Clare.
For more information on The Access Course please log on to

Can I apply for the Defence and Garda Forces?

There is currently an embargo on recruiting in the Defence and Garda forces however, both forces recruit reserves each year. Check out and for more information.

Repeat the Leaving Certificate

If you did not get offered the course you wanted and you have your heart set on a particular course repeating is an option, you are still young and remember it is only one more year.

Should I consider a Career Guidance Counsellor?

Yes, you should if you have any doubts about your chosen career path, as recent studies have shown that one in three college students drop out before reaching 2nd Year at college which costs parents and students in excess of €15,000, which is a costly lesson for choosing the wrong course.
A career guidance counsellor will get you to do a series of assessments to see what career you would be best suited in.

What is the cost of seeing a Career Guidance Counsellor?

The cost of attending a guidance counsellor varies from €100-€300 depending on the service you require