Leaving Certificate Physics, Essential Revision Notes

Table of Contents

Introduction and tips for Leaving Certificate physics exam. 3

Breakdown of paper 4

Chapter 1 Optics and Waves 6

Chapter 2: Mechanics 25

Chapter 3 Thermal Physics 38

Chapter 4 Electricity 41

Chapter 5 Electromagnetism 55

Chapter 6 Semiconductors 64

Chapter 7: The Electron 67

Chapter 8 Modern Physics 70

Introduction and tips for Leaving Certificate physics exam.

Physics is the study of the rules and principles governing the behaviour of the physical world in which we live. Physics seeks to provide explanations to observed phenomenon.

Physics for Leaving Certificate

These notes address the topics required to complete the higher level leaving certificate course. Much of the material is common to both ordinary and higher level. The material exclusively for higher level is marked with a ***.

These notes are intended as a revision aid. As such they do not go into details of experiments or practice calculations.

The Exam paper- General tips

The leaving certificate exam is three hours long and consists of two sections. Section A consists of four questions from which you must answer three. Each question carries 40 marks.Section B consists of eight questions from which you must answer five. Each question carries 56 marks.

You should divide your time roughly as follows

Section A – around 16 minutes per question.

Section B -around 23 minutes per question.

This allows 10 minutes at the start of the paper to read ALL the instructions, read ALL the questions and select the ones you feel you can best answer.

It also allows a few minutes at the end to check over your work and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

This is, of course, a rough guide. Some questions may take a little less time and some a little more, but if you keep the guidelines in mind you will avoid running badly out of time and so not doing yourself justice in the exam.

Some students have a tendency to answer extra questions in the exam. While it may be possible to fit in a single extra question, my experien...

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