Mock exam paper D Higher Level

Pre-Leaving Certificate 2014


Physics – Higher Level


3 hours

Answer THREE questions from Section A and FIVE questions from Section B.

N.B. Relevant data are listed in the Formulae and Tables booklet, which is available

from the Superintendent

Section A

Answer three questions from this section

Each question carries 40 marks.



In an experiment to measure the wavelength of monochromatic light the student used a diffraction grating having 400 lines per mm. The angular positions of five images were obtained and the results were recorded in the table below







Ѳ /o






Draw a clearly labelled diagram of the apparatus used in the experiment. (9)

What adjustments are needed to the apparatus before taking readings? (9)

Use all of the data in the table to calculate a value for the wavelength of the light used. (18)

The values of the angular position of the images on the right-hand side of the central image are larger than those on the left-hand side. Suggest a possible reason for this. (4)


The student performed an experiment to verify the principle of equilibrium for a rigid body, The apparatus was set up with forces being applied to a meter stick as shown in figure 1.

3.0N 3.54N

10cm 85cm

22cm 40cm 75 cm

2.0N 1.5N 3.0N

The metre stick was horizontal and in equilibrium when the forces were applied at the positions shown. The centre of gravity was found to be at the 50 cm mark.

Explain how the upward forces may have been applied and measured in the experiment (6)

How could the centre of gravity be found? (6)

Using the data calculate the weight of the metre stick (6)

Show that the sum of the clockwise moments = sum of the anticlockwise moments around any point on the stick (12)

Explain how the exp...

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