Mock exam paper A Higher Level



Physics - Higher level


3 Hour Duration

Answer three questions from Section A and five questions from Section B

SECTION A (120 marks)

Answer three questions from this section.

Each question carries 40 marks



In an experiment to verify the principle of conservation of momentum, a body A was set in motion with a constant velocity. It was then allowed to collide with a second body B, which was initially at rest. After the collision both bodies moved off together with constant velocity. The following data was recorded during the experiment:

Mass of body A = 0.2kg Mass of body B =0.18kg

Time taken for A to travel a distance of 20cm before the collision = 0.31s

Time taken for A and B to travel a distance of 20cm immediately after collision = 0.57s

Draw a diagram of the apparatus which was used in the experiment. (9)

Explain how the time was measured. (6)

Using the data

(a)Calculate the velocity of A (i) before and (ii) after the collision

(b) show how the experiment verifies the principle of conservation of momentum (18)

How was the effect of friction minimized in this experiment? (7)


In an experiment to measure the specific heat capacity of a liquid, the liquid was placed in a copper calorimeter. Energy was supplied to the system and the following data was recorded:

Mass of calorimeter = 27.1g, Mass of calorimeter + liquid =71.3g

Initial temperature of liquid = 17oC

Final temperature of liquid = 22oC

Energy supplied =985J

Describe, with the aid of a diagram, how energy was supplied to the system. (9)

Calculate a value for the specific heat capacity of the liquid. The specific heat capacity of copper = 390J kg-1K-1. ...

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