Planning for optimum performance

Topic 4: Planning for optimum performance

Learning Objectives

4.1. Personal performance analysis

examine the different factors that influence personal performance in physical activity and sport

4.2. Methods of analysis

identify appropriate methods of analysing different aspects of performance: skill and technique, structures and strategies, choreography, performance-related fitness, and psychological preparedness

use a selection of tools, including video and analysis software to analyse their own and others’ performances

compare their personal performance to that of a more skilled/model performer

identify four areas from their performance which require further development

4.3. Aesthetic and artistic considerations

identify the artistic and/or aesthetic criteria of performance

compare different physical activities in terms of the aesthetic and/or artistic criteria

evaluate personal and/or group performance from artistic and/or aesthetic perspectives

4.4. Planning for optimum performance

explain how information from their performance analysis was used to inform planning to achieve performance goals

present performance goals to address areas for improvement

design a practice/training plan to improve personal performance in relation to performance goals

provide evidence on the effectiveness of the programme design in achieving the performance goals

4.1 Personal performance analysis

Factors that influence personal performance in physical activity and sport comprise physical (strength, speed, power, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness etc.), tactical (game or race planning, strategies etc.), technical (general and sports specific skills required at each phase of development), mental (psychological preparation, ability to cope under pressure), lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, recovery, education, time management etc.) and personal factors (beliefs, philosophy, values, approach, attitude etc.)

Physical factors

Please see Topic 2 notes for details.

Tactical factors

All sports require some form ...

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