Personal Exercise and Fitness

Personal Exercise/Fitness

Outline (from syllabus)

Personal exercise and fitness—active and purposeful participation in a personally-designed exercise and fitness programme that reflect personal interests, goals and principles of training.

Learners may choose one method of aerobic training and one other conditioning and resistance activity.

Aerobic training



Continuous training

  • Constant intensity
  • Purpose
  • FITT formula
  • Intermediate slow distance (20-60mins)
  • Long slow distance (>60mins)

Interval training

  • Readiness
  • Work: recovery ratios
  • Interval duration
  • FITT formula

Fartlek training

  • Readiness
  • Terrain
  • Interval duration
  • FITT formula

Aerobics/Step aerobics

  • Technical description of skills
  • Routine
  • Transition
  • Timing and rhythm
  • Training zones
  • FITT formula


  • Spinning techniques
  • Workout intensity
  • Session design
  • Training zones
  • FITT formula

Indoor rowing

  • Time
  • Distance
  • Targets
  • Resistance
  • Session design

One of the following conditioning and resistance activities :



Weight training
Upper extremity pushing

  • Pressing
  • Extensions

Upper extremity pulling

  • Rows
  • Curls

Lower extremity exercises

  • Squats
  • Lunges

Core stability

  • Relaxation and breathing
  • Control
  • Routine
  • Alignment
  • Flow

Circuit training
Exercises specific to:

  • Themes
  • Equipment
  • Work-recovery intervals

Learners are expected to demonstrate the ability to apply the following aspects to each method of training:

  • Principles of training
    • Readiness
    • Specificity
    • Progression
    • Overload
    • Rest/recovery
  • Training zones
  • Thresholds
  • Work-recovery intervals
  • Warm-up/Cool-down.

Learners are required to show evidence of their capacity to perform elements of a personal exercise and fitness programme designed to enhance either performance in a physical activity or health-related physical fitness. The performance should include:

  • Five-minute warm up including the necessary elements of a warm-up.
  • Fifteen-minute development section: this section would include a cardiovascular section and a muscular strength and endurance section. The development section could include a circuit format.
  • Five-minute cool down including the necessary ele...

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