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Artistic Activities, Dance and Gymnastics

Artistic Activities

Outline (from syllabus)

Artistic activities provide learners with opportunities to experience creative crafting and performance of activities which involve imaginative combinations of skills, techniques and/or movements in the appropriate style of the event. Aesthetic activities provide learners with opportunities to demonstrate their appreciation of the qualities of the movement and the expressive abilities of the performers. Learners demonstrate this by adopting aesthetic criteria in planning for, performing and evaluating the activity. 

Learners may choose one activity from either gymnastic or dance options.



  • Artistic 
  • Rhythmic
  • Contemporary dance
  • Folk dance
  • Modern
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Ethnic
  • Traditional


Learners will be required to show evidence of their capacity to perform the following skills and techniques in the selected gymnastic activity.

Artistic gymnastics

  • Jumps (minimum 2)—tuck/pike/straddle/180 degrees turn
  • Rolls (minimum 2)—forward/backwards/other
  • Balances (minimum 2)—handstand/headstand/arabesque/other
  • Weight transference (minimum 2)—cartwheel/round off/hand spring/back flip

Learners are expected to incorporate at least four of the following agilities in the short floor sequence

  • Backward roll to handstand
  • Handspring
  • Back flip
  • Front somersault
  • Hand stand ½ turn
  • One-handed cartwheel
  • Back somersault
  • Back/forward walkovers.

Learners are required to demonstrate proficiency in at least two vaults from the following:

  • Handspring
  • Short arm overswing
  • Optional vault of similar tariff (not through or straddle).

Rhythmic gymnastics
Learners should be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following skills and techniques in a short floor sequence:

  • Balances
  • Pivots/rolls
  • Splits
  • Hops/leaps/skips
  • Body waves/bends/circles/swings/turns.

Learners are required to set routines to music and use different pieces of apparatus from a ball, hoop, ribbon, rope or club.


Learners are required to perform an individual and group dance in which they demonstrate consideration of th...

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