Mock Exam Paper D P1 (Project Maths) Ordinary Level Marking Scheme

Leaving Cert Examination 2013


(Projects Maths – Phase 2)

Paper I

Ordinary Level

Time hours

300 marks

Model Solutions – Paper 1

Note the model solutions for each question are not intended to be exhaustive – there may be other correct solutions.


There are two sections in this examination paper:

Section A Concept and skills 150 marks 6 questions

Section B Contexts and Applications 150 marks 3 questions

Answer all nine questions

Write your answers in the spaces provided in this booklet. There is space for extra work at the back of the booklet. You may also ask the superintendent for more paper. Label any extra paper clearly with the question number and part.

The superintendent will give you a copy of the booklet of Formulae and Tables. You must return is at the end of the examination. You are not allowed to bring your won copy into the examination.

Marks will be lost if all necessary work is not clearly shown.

Answers should include the appropriate units of measurement, where relevant.

Answers should be given in simplest form, where relevant.

Write the mark and model of your calculator(s) here:

Section A Concepts and Skills 125 marks

Answer all six questions from this section.

Question 1 25 marks

From the numbers 1, 3, 8, 9, 10 write down

(a) (i) a prime number 3

(ii) a multiple of 5 10

(iii) two square numbers 1, 9

(iv) two factors of 32 1, 4

(b) Find two numbers m and n from the list such that and .



(c) If each of the numbers in the list can be used once, find p, q, r, s and t such that

Question 2 25 marks

A sheet of aluminium is manufactured in a factory to be 3m by 1m and 1cm thick.

(i) What is its volume in ?

(ii) The manufacturing process means that the thickness remains constant but the length and width are only accurate to . What are the maximum and minimum volumes?



(iii) The sheet weights . What is the difference in weight between the smallest and largest sheet?




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