Mock Exam Paper A P1 (Old format) Ordinary Level




PAPER I (300 marks)


Duration: hours

Attempt SIX QUESTIONS. (50 marks each)


Warning: Marks will be lost if all necessary work is not clearly shown.

Answers should include the appropriate units of measurement,

where relevant.


Q.1 (a) The speedometer of a bus shows a speed 5% greater than the actual speed the bus is

travelling. At what speed is the bus travelling if the speedometer shows 52km/hr.

(b) A tanker delivered heating oil to a hotel. Before the delivery the tanker had 11360 litres of oil and after the delivery it had 7160 litres.

Calculate the cost of the oil delivered if 1 liter costs 20.5 cent.

When VAT was added to the cost of the oil, the bill amounted to €1041.81.

Calculate the rate of VAT added.

(c) (i) The length and width of a rectangular playing field are in the ratio 9:5, respectively.

If the length of the field is 22.5m, find its width.

(ii) A sum of money was invested for 7 years at compound interest. If it amounted to €5000

at the end how much was invested? Give your answer correct to the nearest euro.

Q.2 (a) Find the solution set of

(b) Solve for x and y,

(c) Solve each of the following for p,



Q.3 (a) Given that

calculate the value of y when .

(b) If is a root of the equation , where .

(i) Write down the second root.

(ii) Find the value of b and c.

(iii) Hence, or otherwise, find the point p. Where p is the point of intersection

between the equation and the y-axis.

(c) (i) Write as a single fraction, where .

(ii) Hence, or otherwise, find the two solutions for x,

, where, .

Give your answers correct to two decimal places.

Q.4 (a) Let , where .

Plot z and on an Argand diagram.

(b) Given .

(i) Calculate .

(ii) Express in the form , where .

(c) a and b are real numbers such that:

  1. Find the value of a and b.
  2. Verify that is a root of the equation...

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