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In developing the marking schemes the following should be noted:

  • In many cases only key phrases are given which contain information and ideas that must appear in the candidate’s answer in order to merit the assigned marks.
  • The descriptions, methods and definitions in the scheme are not exhaustive and alternative valid answers are acceptable.
  • The detail required in any answer is determined by the context and the manner in which the question is asked, and by the number of marks assigned to the answer in the examination paper. Requirements and mark allocations may, therefore, vary from year to year.
  • Words, expressions or phrases must be correctly used in context and not contradicted, and where there is evidence of incorrect use or contradiction, the marks may not be awarded.

Instructions to Candidates

Section A There are twelve questions in this section.

Candidates are required to answer any ten questions.

Each question carries 6 marks.

Section B There are five questions in this section.

Candidates are required to answer Question 1 and any other two questions.

Question 1 is worth 80 marks.

Questions 2, 3, 4 and 5 are worth 50 marks each.

Section C There are three questions in this section.

Candidates are required to answer one elective question to include

part (a) and either part (b) or part (c).

Candidates who submitted Textiles, Fashion and Design coursework for

examination may attempt only Question 2 from this section.

Electives 1 and 3 are worth 80 marks each. Elective 2 is worth 40 marks.

Section A

Answer any ten questions from this section.

Each question is worth 6 marks.

Write your answers in the spaces provided.

1. (a) List the elements found in lipids. (6)

4 marks

Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen

(b) Name one dietary sources of each of the followi...

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