Mock exam paper D Ordinary Level

History – Ordinary Level

Field of Study: Later Modern, 1815 – 1993

Written examination: 400 marks

Instructions to candidates:

Attempt Sections 1, 2 and 3 inside.

  • Section 1 (100 marks)

Documents-based question (Ireland: Topic 3).

Answer all parts of this section.

  • Section 2 (100 marks)

Ireland: Topics 1, 2, 3, 4, 6.

Answer one question from one topic.

  • Section 3 (200 marks)

Europe and the wider world: Topics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Answer one question on each of two topics.


Ireland: Topic 3

The pursuit of sovereignty and the impact of partition, 1912 – 1949

Case study to which the documents relate:

The Belfast Blitz

Study the documents opposite and answer the questions below:

1(a) According to document A, what type of bombs have been dropped?

(b) According to document A, how many A.F.S. men have been killed?

(c) According to document B, what three sounds woke Ruth McCart in the “middle of the night”?

(d) According to document B, what was Ruth’s mother screaming at her to do?

(e) What evidence is there in document B that Ruth’s home has been badly damaged?


2(a) Does document B agree with document A when it describes the first night of the Blitz as a “night of thrills”? Refer to both documents in your answer.

(b) Do the documents, A and B, agree about the nature of the bombs dropped and the destruction caused? Refer to both documents in your answer.


3(a) What are the weaknesses for an historian of primary sources like the eye-witness account in document B?

(b) What is the value to an historian of newspapers like document A above?


4 What was the impact of WWII on Northern Ireland?


-Document A-

The Belfast Telegraph reporting on the first raid of the Belfast Blitz, Tuesday 8th April 1941

-Document B-

Belfast resident Ruth McCart recalls her experience of the Belfast Blitz, 1941.

Easter Tuesday 1941, school was closed for the Easter holiday and we children were free to play all day ...

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