Mock exam paper D Higher Level Marking Scheme

History – Higher Level

Marking Scheme


1. Comprehension (20 marks)

1(a) Lloyd-George is depicted as St. Peter. 5M.

(b) The ladder leads to “immediate and terrible war”. 5M.

(c) “The terms of this Treaty are in violent conflict with the wishes of the majority of the Nation as expressed freely in successive elections during the last three years”. 5M.

(d) De Valera favours a peaceful solution: “Let us face it worthily and without bitterness and above all without recriminations. There is a definite constitutional way of resolving our differences”. 5M.

2. Comparison (20 marks)

(a) Comments must relate to documents A and B.

The two documents agree on the prospects for the future of the Irish Free State – that there is a real risk of division and discord. In document A Griffith is fully behind the Irish Free State, Collins is unsure but willing to try it and de Valera is refusing to support it. Lloyd-George has a gun hanging from his belt, suggesting the threat of violence if consensus is not reached. The alternative to the “heaven” of the Irish Free State is a ladder leading to the “hell” of “immediate and terrible war”. Thus, several points suggest there is division and the risk of violence on the horizon. In document B, de Valera says that the “terms of the treaty are in violent conflict with the wishes” of the Irish people, and this use of the word “violent” is ominous. De Valera is not alone, other prominent members of the Dáil support him, emphasising the seriousness of divisions. The fact that a “public session of Dáil Eireann” has been called shows the extraordinary nature of the times. Crucially, de Valera finished by saying there is a “great test” of the people coming, he says that there are “differences” to be resolved and he pleads that this is done in a “constitutional way”, suggesting there is a real risk of some people using non-constitutional methods. All these points also suggest a real risk of division and di...

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