Mock exam paper A Ordinary Level Marking Scheme






There are four parts in the Documents-based question:

1. Comprehension (40 marks)

2. Comparison (20 marks)

3. Criticism (20 marks)

4. Contextualisation (20 marks)

1. Comprehension (40 marks)

1(a) Any two (5 marks each) from the following list: (a) It was an attractive area which would not only appeal to university staff but could provide houses almost right away. (b) It had the immediate advantage of ample residential accommodation in the nearby towns of Portstewart and Portrush. (c) It was thought that there would be no difficulty about a site. (d) The area was thought to be suitable for marine biology and for agriculture. (e) It was far enough from Belfast to ensure complete separation from Queen's. (f) It was an area which had some scope for industrial expansion. (g) It had a sufficiently large concentration of population. 10M.

(b) Marine biology and agriculture. 10M.

(c) The minority in Northern Ireland resides mainly in the western counties of Londonderry, Tyrone and Fermanagh. 10M.

(d) The plan therefore is to develop the strongly Unionist Belfast-Coleraine-Portadown triangle and to cause migration from west to east Ulster, redistributing and scattering the minority so that the Unionist party will not only maintain but strengthen its position. 10M.

2. Comparison (20 marks)

2(a) Comments must relate to documents A and B.

No, the two documents do not agree = 2M.

Document A lists positive aspects about Coleraine related to university life = 4M.

Document B lists political reasons why Unionists want to “keep Derry down” = 4M.

Mark the quality of the explanation on its merits.

  1. Comments must relate to documents A and B.

Document A or Document B = 2M.

Document A gives a clear list of individual reasons for choosing Coleraine = 4M.

Document B concisely explains the “conspiracy theory” of the West-of-the-Bann = 4M.

Mark the quality of the explanation on its merits.

3. Cr...

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