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Relationships Juno and the Paycock

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From a text you have studied for your comparative course use a key moment to illustrate a significant change that occurs in an important relationship in that text. (15)

The second text I have studied is the play ‘Juno and the Paycock’ by Sean O'Casey and I am going to look at a significant change that occurs in an important relationship in that text.


The key relationship in Juno is that of the Boyle family and the society in which they live. They are the “great unwashed”, the “poor that will always be with us” of inner city tenement life Dublin of the 1920s. They rebel against that relationship and try to shrug it off to become the “nouveau riche”, “the bourgeoise”. The more they try to reject that relationship the more it comes back to haunt them. As Donagh MacDonagh says in his poem ‘Dublin Made Me’ “Dublin made me and no little town With the country closing in on its streets”  Dublin made the Boyles, and it is a relationship to the death.

The Boyles are the Captain, Juno, Mary and Johnny. In my answer I would like to look at them as a family and as individuals and examine their relationship with Dublin.

One: The Boyle family and their creditors: On the notion that they are going to come into money the Boyles borrow from their friends and local shopkeepers. When no money is forthcoming these creditors look for the loans to be honoured. So Needle Nugent take...

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